意大利生活|里米尼Al Meni美食节

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意大利生活|里米尼Al Meni美食节(图1)


We continue our journey discoverying in Rimini, the little Italy town. Infact, here you can taste good living, tasty food, discover art and history, experience motors, fashion, sport and nature: all the best Italian qualities in this beautiful town !


6月17-18日,曾给费里尼带来灵感的8½ Circus marquee,将让人们一饱口福。美食家们把佳肴变成街头美食,你会看到大厨的精湛厨艺、冰淇淋里的奶油、走进售卖当地农产品的市集,甚至艺术品。在8½ Circus帐篷附近,来自Emilia-Romagna 区的12位米其林大厨将和12位享誉国际的年轻大厨碰撞与交流,一起来纪念这个真正独一无二的地方的传统和人物。Emilia Romagna是欧洲唯一一个拥有44 PDO and PGI认证产品的地区,而里米尼就在这个地区中部,它在‘Al Mani’美食节的活动中展现出了意大利最顶级的厨艺。

意大利生活|里米尼Al Meni美食节(图2)

On 17 and 18 June, Rimini becomes the food capital of Italy.

The Fellini-inspired 8½ Circus marquee offers a feast of flavour with gourmet street food, show cooking with the chefs, the cream of the ice cream, and a market of local farm, craft and design products. 12 Michelin-starred chefs from the Emilia-Romagna region meet 12 young international chefs in and around the circus tent in an that celebrates the people and heritage of a truly unique area. Emilia Romagna is the only region in Europe with 44 PDO and PGI products : Rimini, in the middle of this Region become during ‘Al Mani’ the ultimate exponent and global ambassador of the best in Italian cuisine.

Massimo Bottura

Al Meni是由Massimo Bottura和里米尼城市委员会一起创立的节日,用于纪念Emilia-Romagna的传统和重要人物。Massimo Bottura全球最重要的大厨之一,曾被博洛尼亚大学授予学名誉学位,他开在意大利的餐厅在全球排名第二。他还建立了一个名叫Food for Soul的组织,旨在让贫困地区的能享受美食。

意大利生活|里米尼Al Meni美食节(图3)

意大利生活|里米尼Al Meni美食节(图4)

Al Meni was devised by Massimo Bottura with Rimini city council to celebrate Emilia-Romagna’s heritage and its leading lights. He’s certainly one of the most important chefs in the world, was awarded the Honorary Degree in Management, University of Bologna and his Restaurant in Italy is 2nd Best Restaurant in the World ! He also founded the association Food for Soul, aimed to seek taste solutions for poor society, so the method of providing it to cook together and taste satisfaction.

facoltative : “Emilia-Romagna has such remarkably good raw materials” says the ‘ringmaster of flavours’ Massimo Bottura, “that all we chefs need do to bring out their qualities is to treat them with respect. The world is watching us. And they see a region that can wait 25 years before tasting a traditional balsamic vinegar. Are we crazy? No: we still believe in dreams”.


大厨和8½ Circus口味

Al Meni美食节的核心,是8½ 马戏团大帐篷和它的引人瞩目的开放式厨房。12位来自Emilia-Romagna的大厨,将和12位年轻的烹饪界未来新星比拼,把米其林级的厨艺带到街头,让所有人都能得以品尝。其中包罗了各种口味、产品、语言、土地、佳肴。


意大利生活|里米尼Al Meni美食节(图5)

The chefs and the 8½ Circus of flavour

Al Menis centrepiece will be the 8½ Circus marquee with its striking open kitchen. In the show cooking demonstrations, 12 chefs from Emilia-Romagna will pair with 12 young stars of the future from all over the culinary world to create Michelin-worthy dishes at street food prices for all to try. Inside, a blend of flavours, products, languages, lands and dishes from around the world awaits.

The 8½ Circus has an ample array of quality local wines to savour in the Al Meni wine bar. This selection by the CheftoChef association features the regions finest tipples in a characteristic panorama of the Emilia-Romagna wine landscape.

意大利生活|里米尼Al Meni美食节(图6)


从马戏团到波西维奇广场的海滨,沿着大大小小的农场,可参观到该地区的各种风味。小农和葡萄种植者,奶酪制造商和手工艺者带来了独特的美食路线。游客可以从70家顶级供应商那里品尝和购买到米其林星级餐厅的选料。 从Parmigiano Reggiano和Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena到Culatello di Zibello和Prosciutto di Parma火腿,水果,piadina面包,奶油色的Squacquerone奶酪,到当地的海鱼,来自费拉拉平原的米,最好的羊肉以及来自亚平宁山脉的蘑菇 ,你将拥有无限选择。

意大利生活|里米尼Al Meni美食节(图7)

The produce market

A tour of the regions varied flavours plays out along the seafront from the circus to Piazzale Boscovich, among farm producers large and small. Smallholders and wine growers, cheesemakers and craftspeople offer a unique gourmet trail where visitors can taste and buy sumptuous local products from 70 top suppliers to Michelin-starred restaurants. From Parmigiano Reggiano and Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena to Culatello di Zibello and Prosciutto di Parma hams, plus fruit, piadina flatbread, creamy Squacquerone cheese, local sea fish, rice from the Ferrara plains, the finest scalogno shallots, and mushrooms from the Apennine mountains, the choice is endless.

意大利生活|里米尼Al Meni美食节(图8)



围绕马戏团的圆形露台将有一个特别的美食家街头食物摊,来表达该地区顶级厨师和供应商协会CheftoChef的自豪和喜悦。 另一个户外景点,是鉴赏家的冰淇淋店,这是难得一见的品尝顶级手工冰淇淋机会。厨师的不仅运用了MO.CA技术,还获得了Carpigiani Gelato大学级匠人的专业加持。

Gourmet street food and the finest ice cream around the 8½ Circus

The round terrace girding the circus will have a liberal sprinkling of special gourmet street food stalls, the pride and joy of CheftoChef, the association of the regions top chefs and producers. Another outdoor attraction will be the connoisseurs ice-cream parlour, a sublime showcase of artisanal ice cream ng where the chefs creative brio meets MO.CA technology and the expertise of the master makers from Carpigiani Gelato University.

意大利生活|里米尼Al Meni美食节(图9)


Emilia-Romagna的肥沃土地并不仅仅能产出好的食物。 除了当地的农产品市场,在8½马戏场对面,还有马Matrioška,它的特色是创意和手工技艺。 本地设计师和手工艺人为食物了新奇的展示方法,其独特的手工制作包括:陶瓷、插画、服装、家具,灯具、配件、面料、雕塑。

意大利生活|里米尼Al Meni美食节(图10)

Matrioška special: craft, design and good ideas

Emilia-Romagnas fertile land produces more than just good food. Alongside the local produce market and opposite the 8½ Circus, the Matrioška special is an hotbed of creativity and manual skill. Local designers and craftspeople offer a new take on food with displays and demonstrations of their distinctive handmade creations.: from ceramics to illustrations and clothing to furnishings, from lamps to accessories and fabrics to sculptures.


在8½马戏团及其周围,Slow Food Emilia-Romagna举办了向所有年龄段开放的工作坊,你可以和各种厨师,作家和专家对话交流。 关于厨师、供应商、产品、家乡的方方面面,都将包含其中。

意大利生活|里米尼Al Meni美食节(图11)

A taste for knowledge at the Slow Food Emilia-Romagna zone

In and around the 8½ Circus, Slow Food Emilia-Romagna is running workshops for all ages and talks by chefs, writers and experts. It will be all about cooks, producers, products and the land they come from: in short, experiencing food in words and pictures.



6月18日的Déjeunersur lherbe是美食节中的一个活动,届时,Grand Hotel将打开大门,举行一场特别的野餐。 厨师Claudio di Bernardo、Massimo Bottura、和Al Meni美食节的其他厨师,将一起欢迎游客来到这个Fellini最喜欢的、灿烂而又自由的建筑。千万不要错过哦~

The cool : picnic in the gardens of the Grand Hotel

Déjeuner sur lherbe on Sunday 18 June is an within the , when the Grand Hotel Rimini will open its gates for a very special picnic. Claudio di Bernardo, the Grand Hotel Chef, together with Massimo Bottura and the Al Meni chefs, welcomes visitors to the gardens of this splendid liberty building, one of Fellini’s favourite haunts. You canì’t miss it : too cool !!




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